I have attended several workshops with Min: Introduction to Crystal Energy (beginner and intermediate), Journeying, as well as Healing the Chakras through Journeying and Crystals.  Min is an amazing energy worker and healer who patiently and expertly guides participants into deepening their connection with Universal Energy to facilitate healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Her workshops are both powerful and great fun.  They are an opportunity to go deep within as well as expand your knowledge and experience, all in a safely held space under Min's guiding hands and expert teaching.  I cannot recommend highly enough.  Jane Volker - January 2019





A beautiful introduction to the world of journeying.   I will guide and hold space for you as I introduce you to shamanic journeying, meeting your power animals, learning to place intention and journeying as a tool for divination and how to communicate and understand the messages you receive from your power animals and guides.  You will be guided into your journeys with the sound of the drum, rattle and chimes.

If you have ever been interested in Shamanic work, this is a gentle and informative introduction that will leave you with new skills to guide you on your own spiritual pathway.  


This course is a pre-requisite to any of the shamanic workshops that are on offer, including dream circles that will be running throughout the year.


Dates:  Dates for 2020 -To be confirmed


Venue:  Lucas Memorial Hall, The Street, Waldron, East Sussex, TN21 0RB


Times:  1.00pm to 5.30pm.  There will be 1 hours work you will need to complete at home before the course.


Cost:     £55.  Pay for this course








Dreaming ourselves into mid-autumn, a time to harvest and celebrate the past seasons growth and release aspects that no longer serve us, as we journey towards our inner sanctuary in readiness for Winter. 


Let us take this much needed time and opportunity to celebrate to the sound of the drum, as we place our intentions and journey to meet our power animals and ancestors to receive much needed healing and guidance. Let us work with the powerful energies of crystals to support our dreaming.


Working in a group setting, we will hold space for one another, witness our journery's and use the group medicine to create a deeper and greater experience to our healing journeys as we transition into the Winter months.


Investment: £25 (£26.50 includes booking fee). 


Venue:  Lucas Memorial Hall, Waldron, East Sussex.


Date:  Sunday 7th November 2021


Time:  6.30pm - 9.00pm.


Investment: £25 (£26.50 includes booking fee).


What you need to bring; Comfortable matting, warm clothing, blankets, items to place on the altar, permission of those you would like to place on the healing list, water and journal.


Refreshments:   I will provide hot and cold drinks and nibbles.


Book:   Please get in touch if you are not able to book with paypal.   Full payment required to secure your space.



Email me at