There are different theories on meditation.   To me, meditation can take its many forms; whilst we are digging the garden, walking in nature, crafting, or more stiller forms of meditation that may include a focus of concentration such as gazing into a candle flame or clearing the mind and body of tension and working with our breath.


The objective of meditation can differ too, sometimes it is possible to meditate on a particular issue or question or to allow ourselves to sit quietly and calmly, especially with the hectic lives we lead. Meditation gives us an opportunity to create a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent and to be anchored in the present moment.


Many studies demonstrate regular meditation can significantly reduce our levels of stress and so making a positive impact on our mental and phsyical wellbeing. To meditate and rid ourselves of negative emotions and thoughts and to bring about contentment, kindness and calmness, can only be a more positive place to be. Meditation can increase our self esteem, patience and resilience all helping to anchor us in the present moment of being.


Crystals are a passion of mine and much of my healing work and self development incorporates the healing properties that crystals offer.  Crystals can be used to enhance your experience of meditation.


We will be using the Chakra System to direct our meditation, breath work and healing benefits of the crystals.  Each being explained at the beginning of the session plus information being sent out on joining.

  1. Breath Work
  2. Guided meditation working with the Chakra Energies.
  3. Grounding/integration meditation.


The purpose of each crystal meditation is to equip you with techniques that are easy to follow at home.  These sessions are available to all level of abilities.


The sessions are booked per household, meaning you can all try this!  As the sessions are via Zoom, your microphones willbe muted during the session to ensure a peaceful environment.  There will be 10 minutes at the end to ask any questions.




Thursday 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th March 2021




VENUE:                 Zoom - link will be sent to you on the day.


TIMES:                   8pm - 8.30pm 


DONATION:           £20 for all evenings plus £2.50 booking fee.


Click here for tickets and chakra sets