Gong Bath , Sound Healing, Shamanic Journeying and Crystals to bring healing to our Chakras (Stellar Gateway and Soul Star).

I am so pleased to bring to you an afternoon using the ancient art of shamanic journeying to bring healing gifts to our chakras through crystals and an hour long sound bath.


The workshop will include shamanic journeying to meet with your power animals and guardian spirits to find healing gifts for both the Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakras.  You will be guided into the journeys by the sound of the drum. 


The medicine we create as a group deepens and expands our healing experience and is such a powerful and beautiful way to work as a community.  


The healings that you source from spirit will be gifted to you with crystals and the extraordinary sounds and vibrations bought to you by Sounds Mystical.   


"Sounds Mystical was formed by Simone Riley and Michèle Findlay, in 2017, following an intensive week-end course in Devon with Sound Therapist and Gong Master Sheila Whittaker. 

Simone first discovered gongs at a ‘Mind, Body, Spirit Fair’, and Michèle was excited at the prospect of being able to generate healing vibrations. The first gong Michèle bought was Sedna named after the Goddess of the deep, cold sea, followed by the further acquisitions of Mercury and Pluto. These ‘planet’ gongs are tuned to resonate with the note corresponding to their respective orbits (as calculated by Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto). 

The idea of playing for others developed gradually; Simone and Michèle did some research into other instruments that might be suitable for a sound therapy programme. Simone, being a musical person, has always enjoyed playing a variety of instruments and our collection now includes a monochord, an instrument somewhat similar to a dulcimer, singing bowls, Koshi bells and more… 

We have created a programme that is a journey of sound, the purpose of which is to promote meditation and well-being through entraining our body’s vibrations. We love performing our Sound Baths and we are delighted with the positive response we have had".


We promise you a powerful, beautiful and enlightening afternoon of self healing and spiritual development to enable you to continue to walk your path with humility, courage, power and hope.


Date:           Sunday 19th May 2019


Time:           2 - 5pm


Venue:         Lucas Memorial Hall, The Street, Waldron, East Sussex

                   TN21 0RB


Investment:  £35 per person. Available from the shop.  If you need an

                    alternative payment method, please contact me.


Spaces:         Maximum 10