I have attended several workshops with Min: Introduction to Crystal Energy (beginner and intermediate), Journeying, as well as Healing the Chakras through Journeying and Crystals.  Min is an amazing energy worker and healer who patiently and expertly guides participants into deepening their connection with Universal Energy to facilitate healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Her workshops are both powerful and great fun.  They are an opportunity to go deep within as well as expand your knowledge and experience, all in a safely held space under Min's guiding hands and expert teaching.  I cannot recommend highly enough.  Jane Volker.


I attended Min's Introduction to Crystals and had a very informative and uplifting day. I learned how to attune deeply to crystal energy and the awakening to the understanding of magical crystal vibration was wonderful.  Min has a wealth of knowledge and crystal wisdoms .. she attuned to the groups energies and paced the day at just the right level - really opening up an ongoing and joyful channel to the power of crystal healing for me.  Thanks Min for a great workshop.  


Sue Martin.



I attended the Introduction to Crystal Healing Workshop. 

What a fabulous day! Min has a wonderful aura and her approach to teaching is one of patience and kindness. My knowledge of crystal healing has grown and really ignited my desire to learn more. It truly was a powerful day. I would recommend to anyone who wants to take some time out for themselves, increase their knowledge or just have fun with learning something new. 


Wendy T.


I have attended several of Min’s workshops & can wholeheartedly recommend them. They are fun and informative- Min is extremely knowledgeable in her field. SH