Essences for all the family over 2 years, including pets.



Essences can be bought online or bought locally in Lansdown Health Store in Uckfield, Rye Health Store, Hambly Herbal Dispensary in Wadhurst and Heathfield Wholefood Shop.




Description: - Fast acting support for times of shock and injury.


Minerals: - Obsidian, amethyst, rhodonite and clear quartz.


Also great for pets.  


10ml = £6.50.




2) FOCUS AND STUDY (essence for studying)


Description: - For time when have a mental block and need help to settle down, engage and promote a healthy attitude towards learning and working.  


Minerals: - Flourite, Gold calcite, lodestone, ametrine, carnelian and jasper.


10ml = £6.50.



 3) ON CLOUD NINE (essence to lift one's spirits)


Description: - A powerful essence to help lift ones' spirits, moving through a heavy emotional heart and giving way to a bright and confident disposition. 


Minerals: - Sunstone, imperial topaz, precious opal and rose quartz.                                                      

10ml = £6.50.



 4) RESTORATIVE (recovery essence)


Description: - A mild essence that is supportive when convalescing, feeling tired and have been over doing it.


Minerals: - Epidote, nephrite, ocean agate and zoisite.


10ml = £6.50




5) SEXY BEAST - (love life essence) (not for children!)


Description: - A great mix to encourage ones' love life, to let ones' hair down encouraging laughter and pleasure.


Minerals: - Mookaite, rose quartz and thulite.


10ml Essence = £6.50.





Description: - Gently brings balance and harmony to one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.  Using the five elements of earth, fire, water, wood and metal (Chinese five elements).


Minerals: - Ocean agate, fossil wood, amethyst, blue chalcedony, rose quartz.


10ml = £6.50


7) CALM DOWN - (stress and anxiety essence - also great essence for pets)


Description: - This essence can support you in times of stress and raised emotional levels.


Minerals: - Red jasper, green moss agate, smoky quartz and amethyst.


10ml Essence = £6.50.  




8) SLEEP EASY SPRAY- (Essence spray for getting fifty winks - great for children)


Description: A great essence for those experiencing insomnia, nightmares and those frightened of the dark. 


Minerals: Black tourmaline, pyrite, chrysocolla, rose quartz.


50ml Spray = £15




9) CONFIDENCE - (Essence to help you believe in yourself)


Description: An essence to support you when you are feeling down or have low self-esteem.


Minerals: rose quartz, amber aventurine, carnelian and salmon calcite.


10ml = £6.50.



10) HOME HARMONY - (Essence spray for space clearing)


Description: This essence is in spray format and helps re-energise your living environment from negative/stagnant energies.  A quick spray will leave your home or office feeling refreshed and at peace. A great tool for practitioners who see clients back to back.


Minerals: Peridot, ocean jasper, smoky quartz, pyrite and chrysocolla.                                       

50ml Spray = £15.00