"I am Michelle and I have and continue to use both Calm Down and To the Rescue regularly.   I speak as I find.  I suffer with stress and anxiety and Calm Down works for me on a daily basis.  However, in particuarly tough situations, To The Rescue is my saviour!   Thank you Min.  Dont know what I would do without your help."


"Hi there, I have bought your essences a few times from the Health Store in Uckfield and adore the Sleep Spray especially.   It has been a huge relief to me in aiding my sleep and I hate to be without it now.   It also has been a huge help in aiding the sleep of the rest of my family, including my pets who have a spritz on each of their beds.   I bought some of your essences; calm down and focus and intend to give these to my dogs as I do with the rescue remedy." Laura W.


Have recently bought the rescue Energy Works drops for my fibromyalgia- wow! What a difference it has made to my energy levels. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to book in for some healing with Min soon . JW?



It’s fair to say that I am naturally sceptical about alternative therapies but I was first persuaded to use these essences after a particularly traumatic time in my life. The unique combination was prescribed after an in-depth discussion about how I was feeling but I was expecting them to have little effect after the recommended 2-3 week period. However I was really blown away with the results after a matter of 48 hours. They have made a huge difference to the way that I have coped through this difficult period and I felt as if I always had an emotional support there when I needed it. These remedies are definitely worth the investment and come highly recommended.


Helen, East Sussex





Vibrational essences are made by placing the given crystal in/or by water and placed in the sunshine to allow a process called solarisation.  As water carries a memory this process allows the water to become infused with the vibration of the minerals/crystals.   These principles have been adapted from the famous Dr Edward Bach.


Our physical body is made up of approximately 80 % water, therefore we can use essences to change/keep our cell frequency at the level we need it to be to remain functional and positive. 




Vibrational essences can be used as a self-help tool or preventative measure for your day to day living.  Essences help us when our own unique vibrations are running low, which can create negativity that expose us to illness and disconnecting us from our spiritual path.   If you are receiving medical or complementary treatment do advise your practitioner that you are taking essences.




As the essences work you will notice a shift in energy or emotion; for example you may feel more tired or weepy as blocked energies start to release, until you start to feel more grounded and back to your usual self.




As a starting block take 4 – 6 drops in water, four times a day.  You can drop this into a water bottle and sip during the day, drop into bath water, drop on pillow at nighttime, rub into palm of hands and evaporate the essences into your aura or spray around the room. As you become accustomed to the remedy you will feel if you need to increase or reduce the essence.  Your intuition will inform you when you need to stop taking the remedy.  I am happy to advise you on this if you are not sure.


You can take more than one essence at a time.


EnergyWorks essences are suitable for all the family but are not suitable for children under 2 years and during pregnancy. 


Essences are suitable for pets.   I would recommend starting with 1 drop and increasing if necessary to the maximum of 4 drops daily.     You can place these drops into the water bowl.  As an alternative (as the essences are preserved in brandy or vodka) drop the essence directly into their bed or into the palm of your hand, rub together and hold your hand over the heart of head area for a few moments.




Essences are a made up from spring water, brandy or vodka (as a preservative) and highly diluted extracts of energy derived from different crystals.


I am privileged to use Spring Water that comes from PearTree Well, just 4 miles down the road.


*If you do not tolerate alcohol you can use in other ways, suggested above.





Essences should be stored in a cool dark place.   The expiry date will be on the essence bottle.




Buy your essences on-line, at Lansdown Health Store in Uckfield, Rye Health Store, Hambly Herbal Dispensary in Wadhurst and Heathfield Whole Food Shop in Heathfield.