An intuitive massage identifying areas of stress and dis-ease in our body and through the healing method of touch enables our physical and mental body to make changes, releasing old patterns, pains and discomfort.  Massage acts as a gateway to the healing session, builds a trusting relationship to enable the necessary healing to take place.   


The healing session can be with Crystals or Reiki or both!  The choice may be dependent on your intention for the healing and we will establish this before your healing begins. My role is to hold the space necessary for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body to make the changes whilst we work through your healing. 


Total recharge lasts for two hours.




Min Peterken is a truly gifted healer. As someone who spends their days working in the medical arena I naturally look for ‘evidence based healing’ – real world proof that what someone claims to be able to offer is actually delivered. Min’s treatments are an example of this and combined with her natural professionalism and authenticity – she lives her truth – she is a gift to the healing world. I have been through a very difficult life journey over the past year and I can honestly say that the massage and crystal treatments I have received from Min along the way were integral in ensuring that I am standing here today, as a transformed, sane and happy individual. Even if you just want a really good massage on a physical level I can wholeheartedly recommend her – the wisdom she gifts in the process, just an extra bonus 

Emma Parfrement.



"I was so pleased to find Min.  I had the most incredible session with her.  When you are being supported by someone, you want it to be someone who sees you for everything that you are.  Your vulnerability and your vastness, Min does exactly that and with that trust, the potentials and possibilities can fly.  On top of that, Min is incredibly gifted at what she does.  My thanks and gratitude - Natasha"  
Natasha Shaw.




All these treatments are listed in more detail on this website.