During my initial session with Min we discussed my health issues and life generally.  I had had a house on the market for over two years, very few viewings and the single offer received over the entire period had fallen through.  Min suggested remote healing for my back and that she could do a remote clearance of stale energy in the house if I sent her a copy of the blueprints via email. That was in August, within 2 weeks there were several viewings, resulting in an offer which was higher that expected and the house was sold by December! M.P.


Our business needed a boost and morale was low amongst personnel. Elizabeth (known to me as Min) spent a couple of hours assessing both inside and outside.  She placed crystals in certain offices and some small yew stakes in the ground outside.  One particular office required extra attention as she felt it was a point where negative energy paths crossed.  Interestingly the long-term user of that office has had years of poor health. 


Since Min has worked her ‘magic’, business has picked up considerably and morale has improved enormously.  The person with the health problems is brighter and acting on Min’s advice, has booked to spend a weekend de-cluttering his working space.


Min's approach is both practical and sensitive.  Apart from suggestions to de-clutter certain areas or invest in a green plant or two to increase energy flow, we didnt have to change a thing.


If you feel you are ‘stuck in a rut’ with your business or at home, book Min to clear the negativity allowing you to move forward to a positive and exciting future.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  S.F. 


Min came out to do some land healing in my garden prior to building works starting in the near vicinity. The work Min undertook was to free and release any stuck or negative energies, this was achieved through earth acupuncture, and a protective shield was created around the house using the the power of ceremony and intention. 
Min clearly loves this work, her passion is evident, and is balanced with knowledge and respect, nothing was imposed or assumed, Min shared her knowledge and we worked together to create a ceremony which had meaning for me. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Min, my experience has left me more conscious of and connected to my garden.  C.B. 




Geobiology is the study of the relationship between Earth and all forms of life.  Geopathic stress is the creation of negative earth energy that causes ill health and problems to those forms of life, living on those areas.




The first signs of geopathic stress and pathological states are first noted by sleep disturbances and mental symptoms and over time can progress to more serious conditions - listed at the end of this page.  This does not mean that geopathic stress casues illness rather that by weakening the body it provides a fertile ground in which ill health can flourish (Thurnell and Reed 2006).  Some other signs of Geopathic Stress include, stressed relationships, sick building syndrome, aggression, sexual problems, continual bad luck, inbalance of our subtle energy system.




When our subtle energy systems are out of balance we leave trails of this energy around the house.  This energy can be amplified by geopathic stress so once we heal geopathic stress then so will our own these residues of energy subside.  Still, some of these energies will linger and therefore it is important to clear the house as well.  This is achieved using feng shui, sound and ceremony to raise the energies, leaving them feeling vibrant and flowing with positive energy.




Having originated over 2000 years ago, healing earth energies and space clearing, in essence is about making the environment stable and clean to allow those living in it to experience a healthy vibrant and positive life at home and in the work place.  David Furlong in his book, Earth Energies, writes, "Like us, the Earth has a spectrum of interweaving energies, ranging from the physical level to spiritual dimensions" akin to the acupuncture meridians of the human body.  Traditional cultures have celebrated this connection with earth for many years and through deep knowledge, wisdom and observation were aware of geopathic stress and the need for healing and in more recent times this has been scientifically proven as a system which can make a massive difference to your relationship with your surroundings and you as an individual.


This is a fantastic system that can create vast improvements to you and your family members on every energetic level.   To maximise these improvements I advise you to have an individual treatment, whether this be with me or with a therapist you already work with. 


I use the following techniques to work with geopathic stress:- 

  • Geomancy (divining the earth for geopathic stress).
  • Healing the earth’s energies with earth acupuncture, colour, crystals, vibrational essences, energy work and sounds.
  • Feng shui principles.

Houses sited on leylines may experience the existence of spirits and whilst working on underground rivers through, for example, earth acupuncture; additional work may need to be conducted to address geopsychic stress.




Remember that not all of you may be sleeping or sitting on a geopathic stress line, so it may only be affecting one member of your family, so it is important to assess each member of the family.  Do you feel constantly under the weather, lacking in energy, having prolonged bad luck, business not working well, having lots of arguments feeling depressed, more serious illnesses, financial difficulties or problems affecting your children, even though you are seeking medical and/or holistic intervention?  Then, it is important to look at your environment and what is happening around you.




  1. Assessing the area in which you live or work, it’s geological make up, location of house/office, what was there before the house/office, local sacred sites, e.g. churches. This work is often carried out using OS maps and local information prior to your appointment. And most importantly includes information you will have forwarded prior to our meeting, including the problems that you, your family or work are experiencing
  2. Assessing how your home or office is laid out.  Who sleeps where,who works where? Placement of furniture and how the energy moves around each room using Feng Shui principles.
  3. Using the ancient art of dowsing I will look for sha streams, grid patterns, leylines, faults in the earths subtle energy to investigate how they are interacting with your home and office and how they are affecting your daily living.
  4. Using earth acupuncture, crystals, essences, sound, colour and energy work to alter any stagnant energy that is found to be interfering with your daily living to create harmonious living.
  5. Advising you on the areas that have been located so that placement of crystals and remedies can be used as a permanent remedy and on a self-help basis 
  6. Crystals and essences are available to purchase.



** list of other illnesses.  Those reported include cancer, leukaemia, M.S., motor neurone disease, parkinson’s disease, central nervous system disease, wasting and paralysing diseases of the flesh, muscles and nerves, post viral M.E., energy depleted states and lymphatic conditions - the list goes on.


Problems with pregnancy and birth; miscarriages, cot death and in children; bedwetting, allergies,nightmares, hyperactivity.