"I had a shamanic healing with Min after experiencing a pain in the right side of the back of my head for two years.   I was under a neurologist at the time and was on Gabapentin.  I had numerous scans and was feeling very low because it was causing pins and needles and weakness in my left side but they could not find out what was causing it. Min changed my life, within 2 sessions of shamanic healing, the pain and symptoms have gone completely and I have been discharged from hospital with no medication.   I went to Min with a very open mind because I wasnt sure what to expect but Min made me feel very relaxed and was very professional.   Thank you Min for giving me my life back" - Lindsey.

"I started my journey, healing process with EnergyWorks (Min) 3 years ago.  I started off with shamanic healing sessions which really help me restore balance and find my inner self.  I found these journeys a real blessing that also gives you the conifdence to move forward in life ... more than anything your spirit and mind becomes connected together which is a real sense of empowerment...   I highly recommend Min as a healer overall energy worker, working with her crystals and essences, which, she will taylor make to meet your needs or purpose, which, I have found really valuable to me, can't give this lady enough praise as she really has helped me find myself, balancce out the trauma and emotional abuse I have suffered in my life! xxxx"


“Shamanism has changed my life and become the backbone to everything I experience; both joyous and challenging!”

Shamanism is acknowledged to be the oldest form of healing and is attributed to many indigenous cultures from around the world, including our native lands.  I grew up in a family of healers and in my early career days worked as a social worker.  It wasn’t until I had my children that I returned to my roots of healing and undertook various healing courses which have lasted the past 15 years.   I have trained as a Shaman with Spirit Dream Weavers and the teachings of international renowned shaman, Sandra Ingerman, Medicine Women, Medicine Ways and Eagles Wing (Native Indian teachings) and Second Sight Healing (Celtic and South American teachings).

Shamanism teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit. Shamans speak of a web of life that connects all of life and the spirit that lives in all things. Everything on earth is interconnected and any belief that we are separate from other life forms including the earth, stars, wind, is purely an illusion" 

“It is the Shamanic belief that physical, mental and emotional illness derives from spiritual imbalance usually resulting from a trauma, for example, illness, grief, abuse, accidents, surgery, divorce, change,...  And, there lies the role of the Shaman to work with spirit to bring the healing and gifts needed for your healing".  Sandra Ingerman

Over the years I have woven and created my family healing traditions along with my learning over the past 15 years and created my own tapestry for healing, offering you a safe and sacred space to create healing and transformations in your life.  You will be guided by the sound of the drum and the rattle.

Aspects of shamanic healing can involve:-

* extraction, *soul retrieval,

*healing with spiritual light,

  * earth medicine,  *ceremony, 

* power retrieval,  *crystal healing,

 *family tree and ancestral healing, 

*cutting the ties that bind, 

*relationship disentanglement, *entity removal,

  *removal of psychic attack,  *psychopomp.    


Alongside the healing, the wisdom and skills of social work, underpin the need to create a safe and boundaried space with the addition of counselling, mentoring and guidance to assist your healing journey to release trauma, patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you to allow you to step forward with humility, courage, power and hope, as you step into your authentic self.

I run various Shamanic Workshops throughout the year – please follow this link for more information. Workshops.

The work of psychopomp (guiding souls to the place of the dead) is part of my Healing the House and Land work - please follow this link for more information. Healing your home and Land