INTUITIVE MENTORING AND DISTANT HEALING - Ancient healing blended with modern times.



"I am eternally grateful to Min and the impact she has had on my life.  As a crystal newcomer two years ago, I attended a crystal meditation group (mainly for the meditation on offer) to help me overcome grief and family related emotions.  I never imagined the journey it would take me on and the love affair I now have with crystals.  I feel as if Min has opened my eyes to the spiritual world and how connected we all are to each other and our planet. After having my first crystal healing session, I felt a release and freedom that I had been searching for my entire life.  It's hard to put into words to describe the bliss and relaxation I experienced.  I cannot recommend Min hightly enough.   I had difficulty trusting therapists after bad experiences and was naturally apprehensive to allow someone to work with me on a deeper lever.  I firmly believe that whatever problem you are facing, Min can gently guide you down the path you need to go, healing and educating you as you go.


I have recently moved to the U.S.A. and as a family we went through a run of ill health and difficulty sleeping.  Via remote healing sessions and investigating geopathic stress, we found the source of the problem and are now sleeping soundly.  I was very skeptical about distant healing, but once again I was amazed at how effective it was.  Min followed up afterwards by email and photo of the crystal configuartaion in her studio and her interpretation of energy blockages was an exact match to physical twitches I was feeling lying on my bed.  It was as if she was in the room with me.  It is very comforting to know that whereever I may be in the world, I can connect with Min and receive healing and guidance from a trusted loving source." - Fran October 2018.






Intutive mentoring and distant healing is ideal for those of you that live far away and/or have a busy life schedule.


The session consists of a skype, facetime etc video call, which gives you an opportunity to discuss your intention for the healing.   Whilst we are talking, I will use intuitive writing, mapping to help determine the course of healing.  I blend these skills with counselling skills to give you a well rounded intuitive and psychological support.  This could be based on an emotional issue you need to resolve, a decision about your work pathway, that you are feeling unwell – basically, anything that you feel you need to address!  What this allows is your body to start vibrating with your intention and preparing the body for healing.


Distant healing is a powerful way of working and I love it!  When we consider spirit and how we are all connected, with permission, we can tap into another energy, even if they are a thousand miles away.  You may have experienced this type of energy before, for example, feeling the urge to call a friend only to find out that they need to talk to someone, walking into a room and picking up on the vibe.  So distant healing is just that, tapping into your energy but from afar.


Once we have finished our call, which is usually 20 minutes, I will then ask you to lie down for 40 minutes to receive the healing. I tend to blend my shamanic and crystal healing together for distant healing.  Prior to this it is a good idea to create a space that you want to relax in and make sure you are warm.  I would suggest you set a timer as well - you could stay there fore 40 minutes or longer, depending on how you feel.


Once the healing has been sent.  I will email you a picture of the crystals used in your healing, a divination card with its meaning and interpretation of the healing.  I usually ask that you meditate with the picture of the divination card for a few days to continue with the healing.  Plus there may be other information spirit has gifted to you that you need to act upon.


This is a really powerful and beautiful way to connect and heal from afar.