In the last few years, children and young people find themselves under more and more pressure with education, sport and hectic social lives.  Whilst being given the practical skills to work through these, very few children are given the tools on how to look after their bodies in a holistic way.


That is why I have developed this service to meet those demands.  An hour's session includes massage, crystal healing, essences and self-help techniques.  The massage and crystal healing allows each individual to see and feel for themselves the true nature of relaxation whilst also learning about their muscular and skeletal system and how to incorporate these skills into everyday life with a view to reducing stress, pressure and injuries.


Not only will this treatment help with the here and now it will also benefit any child or young person making the transition into adulthood knowing when they need to take time out, talk to their family or seek professional help rather than allowing stress and tension to build up.


This type of treatment can be used at any juncture of a person's life and has been particularly successful with young people undergoing exams and physical challenges.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.  Parents will be asked to stay with the young person if they are aged under 16 years.