Healing Sessions 1:1

To reflect the light and shadow, to find the tools to embrace, not separate our experiences and to gain the knowledge and wisdom that all our experiences offer us.  To be in relationship with ourselves and these experiences and not allowing them to run the show.   Remembering and celebrating our experiences make us who we are and who we are to each other.  By offering love and connection to ourselves and to the world around us helps us to understand, bring meaning, change and support ourselves and those around us as we continue our journey.    


"How wonderful to dive deep into our being  and be the best friend we can possibly be to ourselves."




Healing is a very personal journey.   


Having been raised in a healing family and studied various methods of healing over the years,  I believe this gives you the opportunity to choose the way you wish to move forward at this given time.   Please read the following pages and allow your intuition to guide you.