WELCOME .......

The following pages will guide you through the range of services I can offer you.  As you read through be guided by your intutition as to which therapy might suit you best, if you need any advice then please contact me directly using the contact link.


With love, light and blessings, Min Peterken




.... having been raised in a family of healers and an initial career as a Social Worker, I returned to my healing roots 15 years ago.  Within this time, I have studied four years in shamanic practice, a two year diploma in vibrational healing using crystals, colour and gem essence, a years course in geomancy incorporating geopathic stress, geopsychic stress, feng shui, earth acupuncture and space clearing,  Reiki, body massage, pregnancy massage and a nine month course in hot stone massage. 


Returning to my healing roots is certainly influenced by my role as a mother and the wisdom of getting older.    My belief that everything has a living spirit, that we are all connected to the divine universal energies and my love of mother nature and her medicine, is influencing my every move.    As a community I believe we are starting to re-connect to these ancient ways and I hope to bring these to you either in 1:1 sessions or in a workshop setting.


My intention is to enable you on your spiritual pathway, incorporating  the mind, physical, emotional and spiritual body using spritual practice, intuitive and practical skills.  To help you step into your true authentic self with humility, courage, power and hope.


  • The treatment room is a wonderfully quiet room decorated in neutral colours, based in the countryside in Waldron.  
  • Each treatment is for the listed time, there is a total of 15 minutes for any undressing/dressing, after care and re-booking.  A polite reminder that if you are late for an appointment it is not possible to over-run.
  • There is parking available.  
  • The treatment room is within walking distance of the local park, church and pub.
  • Cancellations of hourly appointments within 48 hours will incur 50% of the treatment price.  Longer appointments require 5 days notice. 
  • Geomancy appointments and workshops require a non refundable deposit at time of booking.
  • There is no facility for card payments.
  • A consultation form will be required on your first visit.